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Bodhikaram Temple Naga Buddha

Naga Buddha Temple Front

Bodhikaram Temple, registered name  "The Mondul Ottawa Khmer Buddhist Monastery", is a Cambodian Buddhist temple located in Ottawa (South End), Ontario, Canada. It has come to live since 2006. 

Our purpose is the preserve our Khmer Culture, especially to maintain and transmit the Buddha's teachings and  Buddhist heritage to the Khmer people who live in the Capital City of Ottawa as well as  to provide peaceful ways of life to the people in Canada and world wide. Bodhikaram Temple is open to the young and the old who seek solace in the teachings and pay respect to the Buddha, the Dhamma, and the Sangha. We strive to make our temple the vital where the older folk can feel at home and meet fellow Khmers. For the younger generation, it is a place to observe and learn about Buddhism and the Khmer Culture.


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