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Bodhikaram Temple relies on donations to be growth. All donations are used for the requisites of Venerable monks, special events, renovation, maintenance, expenses for monthly utilities, property tax and general operation for the temple. When you are unable to reach the Buddhist monks or committee in person, there are several other ways to offering support. 

Your donations, however small or large, are very much encouraged and deeply appreciated. 

Your donations are tax deduction and the tax receipts will be issued for you.


Here are three common approaches for donations: 

Donate by Email (E-Transfer)
Interac e-transfers can be sent to any of these emails:

The fund will be auto deposited to "SALOEUM SAVATH" on behalf of " MONDUL OTTAWA KHMER BUDDHIST MONASTERY". 

Donate by Cheque or Money Order

Write a cheque payable to: "Mondul Ottawa Khmer Buddhist Monastery" send to the address: 4537 Hawthorne Road, Ottawa, ON K1G 3N4.

Support Temple Zoning Bylaw project

Our current project is applying for the zoning bylaw to Ottawa City so we can run and develop the temple without any issue. To get ready for the application and everything, we need to spend approximately $35,000. If you wish to donate, small or large, to help us, please make it any of convenient way. Thank you.


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